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    OPTIMUS is a professional manufacturer of high quality automation solutions for valves. Its main products are Gas Over Oil, Hydraulic, Pneumatic and Diaphragm actuators. Added to that, OPTIMUS can manufacture actuators according to customers’ specific designs to meet their flow rate requirements. This flexibility and openness to innovation accompanied with the high-performance solutions allow OPTIMUS to differentiate itself from the competitors in this automation market.

    In order to ensure our continuous development, we choose to view challenges as opportunities and the emerging markets demands as motivation.

    The main industries that are served by OPTIMUS products are Chemical, Oil & Gas, Refining, Mining & Minerals, and Power Generation Industries, etc. For each one of these industries, OPTIMUS focuses on providing durability, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.

    Given its client-oriented approach, OPTIMUS employs all the possible strategies to make sure that the client is satisfied: a thorough design, a constant innovation, a cost-effective manufacturing and a rigorous delivery period.

    The same importance is given to the sales part. Our qualified and experienced sales team are highly skilled in the interpersonal communication with important listening abilities and a brilliant attention to every detail provided by the client. The perfect blend of these potentials plays a big role in the loyalty of our clients who consider us the trusted partner that dedicates all its strength to help them meet the next big challenge. 


    Our vision is to be the World’s reference in the valve automation solution industry.


    Our mission is to make the flow control simple, safe and sustainable thanks to our advanced technological solutions and our ceaseless development.


    Commitment, Honesty, Innovation, Flexibility, Integrity.